Intelligent Image Compression, Optimization and Delivery to make your Websites and App Faster

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Automatic Image Optimization

The objective of ImageDeliver is to enhance User Experience by speeding up your website and app - without compromising on the clarity of the image.

ImageDeliver delivers compressed and optimized images based on Target Device’s:
Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) and Screen Resolution, Browser and Operating System.


Device Pixel Ratio (DPR)

The device pixel ratio (DPR) is the ratio between physical pixels and logical pixels. This means a screen with a higher DPR has denser pixels. An image needs to be modified to look crisp and clear on a screen with a higher DPR. For example, an image might look good on your computer screen, but might look blurred when seen on a mobile device.

ImageDeliver detects the DPR of the target device and automatically resizes your picture to give it the same level of crispness across devices.

Screen Resolution

ImageDeliver auto resizes your images for optimum clarity based on screen resolution and DPR. The Screen Resolution helps to determine the width and height of the image which should be delivered to the target device.

With ImageDeliver, your image will look crisp, compressed and be optimized on every screen. ImageDeliver gives your image the desired clarity, with the shortest possible loading time.


Browser Based Compression

ImageDeliver automates the compression algorithm based on Target Device’s Browser and Operating System.
Listed below are some examples of image formats supported by popular browsers.

Browser Name Image Format
Chrome / Opera webp
IE 10 / Firefox jpg
Safari jpeg2000

* The above data is based on information available on stable browser releases till August 2018.

Example of ImageDeliver Compression and Optimization

Device DPR Resolution of
Image Served
File Size
File Size Reduction (%)
Apple Iphone SE 2 640 x 439 105 kb 37 kb 64.76
Apple Iphone 6 Plus 3 1242 x 851 291 kb 97 kb 66.67
Apple Iphone X 3 1125 x 771 251 kb 84 kb 66.53
Samsung Galaxy S5 3 1125 x 771 251 kb 84 kb 66.53
Generic Laptop (1280 x 720) 1.5 2500 x 1713 970 kb 276 kb 71.55
Apple Ipad Mini 2 2 2048 x 1403 674 kb 203 kb 69.88
1080P FullHD TV (1920 x 1080) 1 1920 x 1316 602 kb 185 kb 69.27

* The above data is for illustration only.

URL based Powerful Image Processing

To integrate ImageDeliver to your Mobile App and Website is a few minutes job.

ImageDeliver supports responsive images out of the box.

With ImageDeliver, you can achieve powerful URL based real time image compression and image processing capabilities.